As each job is unique with many variable factors, we prefer to quote on an individual project basis.

Fortunately, these qoutes can be delivered promptly after being fully breifed on the proposed project. This can be done either by phone or by filling in a quotation form here. There are a number of variables which can affect the quotation including the location of shoot, potential weather and other external shooting conditions and any other associated risk of taking on the job.


Aerial filming is naturally affected by the flying conditions. If due to weather (i.e rain, strong winds etc) and we are not able to shoot we shall not charge the client if we can make alternative arrangements for the shoot to happen at another time. The 35% booking fee is simply transferred to another day when we can shoot. 

​If a job is cancelled due to other issues and simply not re-scheduled due to the client no longer requiring our services the 35% deposit will not be refunded unless by a pre-agreement and if additional costs have been incurred will also have to be met by the client.


Unless a buyout of footage is specifically agreed and contracted, Aerial Icon Ltd retains the copyright of all filming content. The client purchasing the service of Aerial icon Ltd will get full use of the material, however will not be able to sell the footage or allow 3rd party companies to use it without the agreement of Aerial Icon Productions.

Aerial Icon Productions actively promotes its services and we reserve the right to use any of our footage for internal promotion, whether this be inclusion on our showreel or for PR purposes to promote Aerial Icon Ltd. Also we reserve the right to supply the footage to stock libraries at a later date. 

If you have any questions or issues with any the above we would ask you to kindly speak to us in advance of commencement of filming. Thank you.